Event Service

Valuetang provides learning & networking service. We are helping our clients to manage, organize and participate in the internal and external events including all kinds of conferences, seminars, summits, training, exhibitions and etc.

Please send us a message if you are interested in our event service.

Events List

2018 China Investment JVMA Conference
May 23, Shanghai, China

2017 SEAMA Corporate Investment Conference
November 2, Singapore

2017 China JVMA Conference
April 12, Shanghai, China

2016 Corporate Investment Symposium
November 27, Hong Kong

2016 China JVMA Conference
April 13, Beijing, China

2015 Power Strategy Conference
August 27, Beijing, China

2015 Healthcare Investment Symposium
March 27, Beijing, China

2015 China JVMA Conference
January 27, Shanghai, China

2014 Asia Chemical Investment Symposium
October 24, Singapore

2014 Asia Paper Industry Investment Symposium
September 4, Hong Kong

2014 Gas Industry Investment Conference
May 15, Shanghai, China

2014 Healthcare Investment Symposium
March 28, Shenzhen, China

2014 China JVMA Conference
February 27, Shanghai, China

2013 China Chemical Industry Investment Symposium
October 17, Guangzhou, China

2013 Asia Paper Industry Investment Symposium
September 13, Beijing, China

2013 Healthcare Investment Symposium
March 29, Beijing, China

2013 China JVMA Conference
February 28, Shanghai, China

2012 Power Strategy Conference
September 14, Hong Kong

2012 China JVMA Conference
April 26, Beijing, China

2012 Asia Chemical Industry Investment Symposium
February 24, Shanghai, China

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